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Use of Single Screw Extruder for Continuous Silane Cross Linked Polyethylene Recycling Process Using Supercritical Alcohol

The creation of a continuing process for supercritical fluids is desirable for high-pressure technology. In a past study, it had been revealed that a twin-screw extruder was relevant as the reactor and feeder for commercial supercritical fluid processes. The benefits of twin-screw extruders contain their conveying versatility and ability of style, which make them perfect for exploration on the applications of extruder. Nevertheless, twin-screw extruders are expensive because of their complicated gearbox, cylinder shape, screw, etc. Here we report that a single-screw extruder, which is less costly and simpler when compared to a twin-screw extruder, can be applicable because the reactor and feeder for professional supercritical fluid processes. Additionally, the gear for a single-screw single screw extruders extruder is certainly more compact than that of a twin-screw extruder. The benefits of this study will promote the use of extruders in supercritical fluid engineering research and contribute to the industrialization of an array of supercritical fluid techniques.

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